Gasoline - Swell With a Schedule

Miguel Martins - MRFM

Gasoline is the name of a particular surf swell in Barreiro, south of Lisbon (Portugal).
Ricardo and some friends always dreamed of surfing the waves on the river.
When they were young they had to travel by ferry to Lisbon and bus to get to the Ocean
Around the year 2000, ferries were changed to catamarans, this led to a modification of the river bed giving origin to the swell that is known as Gasoline.
With this dream that came through, Gasoline Association was also created by the will of Ricardo Carrajola and other friends. Just follow the swell and hang loose!

Behind the scenes of Gasoline - Swell With a Schedule

This the Behind The Scenes film of Gasoline - Swell With a Schedule
2015 was also the year of my first Røde purchase.
VideoMic Go became part of my Gopro rig toghether with a Deadcat.
Having already used the smartLav+ and other studio mics from Røde it still was a surprise the great quality of this microphone.

In a coproduction with Something Different I had access to other resources , has two P2 Panasonic cameras, together with my Nikon D90 and Gopro Hero3 this project has a lot more of capabilities. Also the access to other Røde equipment improved the sound capture quality.

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