Cop's Honor

Dorfkind Film

A sprayer is caught by a policeman in the act. After a brief exchange of glances a wild, rousing, but very short chase begins. After the breathless policeman loses his "target" out of sight, he goes back to the crimescene and sees the graffiti of the young man. Since the sprayer could not complete his graffiti, the cop decides to take his shot at defeating his honor.

Behind the scenes of Cop's Honor

Most of us are Students at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. So we were very lucky that we could lean the Videoequippment of our Production Lab. As you can see we were shooting on a Blackmagic Design Production Camera in 4k to get the best quality. For lenses we had a canon EF prime kit with a 24, 35, 50 and 85 mm focal lengths. For the steady shots we used a 15-85 one of our crew members owns. For sound we gathered everything our crew owned. Our main mic was the NTG2 recorded to a Zoom H6. On the cameras we had Videomices and Videomic Pros for BTS audio and Scratch audio. For some Post audio stuff we even used a NT-1A to a Focusrite Saffire Pro24 and recorded on an MBP. The cutting mainly was done on an 27“ IMac with Premiere Pro. It was really smooth considering we used Prores422HQ4k and the cutting went faster than expected. For fine cut we met at the university and used a Clevo w230ss Notebook. It worked ok but since mac is far better at using Prores it wasn’t as nice as on the iMac. For audio we used Adobes Audition. Finally grading was done in Davinci Resolve.

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