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[SUBMARINE] is a short film about escapism and coming of age. It follows Stephanie, a young girl who’s becoming aware of the fractures in her family and the unhappiness of the adults around her. Stephanie escapes this world through swimming. She drowns out the noise of her everyday life by submerging herself and filling her ears with water.

Behind the scenes of [SUBMARINE]

These films have been created by a small, dedicated cast & crew who were driven by four heads of departments:
Peter Cheng, Cameron Whiteford, Joe Henderson and Ben Nockolds - each of whom work as individual freelancers, but have decided to unite as a “DREEM TEEM” to create two short films: [SUBMARINE] and The Story of [SUBMARINE]

[SUBMARINE] was filmed over three days at a local aquatic centre. It was filmed on a RED Epic-MX with additional underwater footage shot on a Panasonic GH-4.

The Story of [SUBMARINE] was filmed on a RED Epic-MX and Panasonic GH-4, and contains on-set video filmed using a Canon 60D and GoPro.

We used a RODE NTG3 for location sound, ADR and additional foley. Sound was mixed using ProTools.

[SUBMARINE] was edited using Premiere Pro CC (with VFX in AfterEffects CC and typography in Photoshop CC). Final colour grading was then completed using Da Vinci Resolve Lite.
The Story of [SUBMARINE] was edited using Premiere Pro CS6, AfterEffects CS6 & Photoshop CS6.

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