BTS: The Movie

Noah Marshall Productions

A misunderstood Director has a difficult time sharing his vision for the film with his crew.

Behind the scenes of BTS: The Movie

The whole thing was shot in one day, after about a month of writing (and procrastinating) the script.
There were only two main locations, one was interior, and the other was exterior.
For one of the main action scenes, which was the Director and the Cinematographer fighting over the camera, we decided on a simple but useful technique called the whip cut. It's easy enough, and the title pretty much gives it away, but all you have to do is quickly (and I mean quickly) pan your camera from one place to the other, and then, after you prepare yourself for the 2nd shot, you just simply pan again, and then you can easily cut right in-between the whip in post. Pretty cool stuff!

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