Rule of Three

Daren Caesar / S&C MEDIA

A psychopath roams a quiet borough in the city preying on his third victim. Take a glimpse in the mind of a man living in an unstable state of mind masked by his own philosophy; the rule of three.

Behind the scenes of Rule of Three

Behind the Scenes of "Rule Of Three" My Rode Reel 2015
Cast / Crew
Emily Kristen Balzano
Todd Jeese Gruberg
Boyfriend Aaron Mouton
Director Michael Sandler
Director of Photography
Richard Samalot
Camera Operator Daren Caesar
Audio Technician David Di Somma
Music Daren Caesar
BTS Camera Operator Chris Boucher
Editor Daren Caesar
Produced By
S&C MEDIA 2015.
Rode NTG2 Microphone & Rode Shock Mount
Tazacam DR-60 Mk 2
Rokinon 16, 24, 35 & Sigma 17-70 Macro
Swiztronix Power Pack 2x

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