Tomekeepers: NightFall

Tomekeepers TV (Jeremy Huppatz)

Tomekeepers:Nightfall outlines the moment when Mike Sherwood, Premier of South Australia, is briefed on the fact that a malicious nanotechnology is spreading throughout the world, soon to kill billions. He is briefed by Orville Braithwaite, founder and CEO of Braithwaite Biomed - and Bronwyn Gallagher, employee and close friend of Orville's. Tomekeepers:Nightfall is a new preview for the Tomekeepers TV project, which seeks to bring this milieu to television screens as a mission-of-the-week near future sci-fi offering.

Behind the scenes of Tomekeepers: NightFall

This short movie was shot on a Sony SLT A-77 DSLR with a Sigma f4 zoom lens. BTS video was shot on an un-rigged Sony Alpha-57 with an Sony DT18-55 kit lens. We recorded dual system sound using Rode NTG4+ mics, mounted in Rode Blimps on Rode Boom-Poles connected to a Zoom H4N. We also had a Rode Stereo Video Mic mounted on the SLT-A77 camera body and feeding audio straight into the camera.

The final product was edited in Adobe Creative Suite, using Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition. The BTS video includes a commentary track and overlays BTS video over the main movie to show the context of each BTS shot.

Being an APS-C camera with a mirror, recording video on the SLT-A77 required a lot of light. We ninja-lit the car-park scene using LED hand-lights bought from Bunnings that had grease-paper "diffusers" on them. The home base shots were lit using a couple of 5500K mini-flourescent lighting kits on stands with diffusers. In general, I'm happy with the results, but I'd love to have been able to get a bit more light onto the sensor and shoot on a lower ISO setting. Nonetheless, the gloominess fits the program material. This story is about a largely apocalyptic man-made plague, so the literal darkness fits the overall tone of the piece.

There's a few minor glitches in the footage, but given what we were able to shoot in a single 3 hour session working around the schedules of actors with day jobs, I'm satisfied with how it all cut together.

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