Happy Donkeys

Luís Leite / Creative Milk

The Miranda Donkey is near extinction. This short film is about happiness, is about hoping and caring. Through promoting and dignifying them, the AEPGA (NGO) provides conditions for happy donkeys and increasing their quality of life. We tell stories, we speak from the heart, this is our motto and what drives us to create really valuable and authentic stories.

Behind the scenes of Happy Donkeys

We traveled 550 km to tell this story. Our goal was to show that the Miranda Donkey’s exist and they are an endangered species. It’s important to save them. The filming of the short documentary took place in Trás-os-montes, interior of Portugal.

The 'DeadCat' furry was very important for our outdoor scenes to make the highest possible quality recordings, it was very windy. Our VideoMicPro was connected directly to a recorder, giving us good audio from the sources.

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