15 More Minutes

Arun Meegada

This Short Movie is about the struggle between one's 'Want' to sleep and one's 'Goals' in life. I felt that this is a common situation every human goes through and that it might have an universal appeal. I used Alter Ego to portray the opposing thoughts within. I wish and hope that this video inspires a few souls out there. Cheers.

Behind the scenes of 15 More Minutes

After the initial thought originated I penned down the script using the 3 Act Structure. Yes the 3 Act Structure in three minutes was quite a task but it did fit in. Then my long search for cast and location started culminating with me meeting my friend Siva in the first week of may. He connected me to Bhargav who gracefully obliged to let us use his room on the terrace. It was unused for a while, so we cleaned it up and did the basic set design by procuring all the required props. Panja chipped in during that time. We decided to have three different lighting schemes for each of the character. We bought few 15 Watt Soft White bulbs and lit the room for a 4 AM look. Harsha's patience has to be mentioned here for bearing with me till I got that look. We used a Canon 550d with 18-135mm f5.6 lens for the shoot along with Rode VideoMic Pro for audio capture. As Siva has a day job, we shot for few hours in the night during weekdays and made use of the weekends for longer stints. I appreciate the team's commitment to making this happen over such a long schedule. I edited the footage using the Trial version of Final Cut Pro 10, So special thanks to the folks at Apple Inc. Myself and Siva did another All Nighter to get the dubbing out of the way. After a few tweaks here and there, we uploaded it to
youtube. End of the day, we are happy with the content we created and hope that you all too will like it.

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