New North Productions

A "young" couple suddenly find themselves in one of live's turning points, all cause of one careless act.

Behind the scenes of Disappear

We got our crew together and headed out into the swedish countryside to shoot this film. The production crew went out the night before to catch the sunrise on location (which we never ended up using), while the cast and makeup crew came in the morning. We had multiple complicated shots featured in the film, one is the opening shot and another is a shot from the ceiling in the kitchen down onto the table the actors are sitting at. The opening is done with a DJI Ronin rig with a Hedén Carat follow focus to be able to pull the focus as the camera glides into the kitchen. For the “top-down” shot we hung the DJI Ronin rig and RED Epic camera on a cotton string from a hook in the ceiling. Production sound was also a bit of a challenge from time to time as we needed to glide into the kitchen through the main door without seeing the sound recordist. The audio problems were solved by using different types of microphones: NTG2 Shotgun mic, the blimp and Lavaliers during the shoot. For the BTS we used a Canon 6D mrk II with a Røde Videomic Pro together with two GoPro Cameras. To get the final exit shot we had to choreograph the “corpses” to move into position after the camera had moved through the doorway, it was all shot in slow motion. Overall we had a great experience shooting our entry for the 2015 My Røde Reel.

Featured entries

Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Clara Kokseby
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