Thai (Arrow )

Henry Kro

'THAI' is about a loving sister and caring brother, who were orphans. They reside in a little hamlet on the hills. The little girl loses her brother during the times of trouble in their country side ravaged by war. Many innocents died. She sets on the path of vengeance to bring justice to the murderers, who took the lives of many for their selfish ends. Its a tale about an undying spirit of the little girl who fought bravely, fearlessly and defeats the power of evil doer, overcoming all odds and challenges.

Behind the scenes of Thai (Arrow )

The whole film was shot on Canon 7D and Gopro Hero3+. the locations on this project were taken on the lush and beautiful hills and rivers of Karbi Anglong. the cast of this film were first timers, but they did an incredible job. all the probs used were hand crafted. the equipments used were ,12 feet portable crane, E-image CS10 Steady cam and Konova slider mounted on manfrotto tripod. For sound we use Rode NTG- 1 shotgun mic. the Project was tough but lots of fun. Special thanks to KAMA (Karbi Anglong Mountaineering Association).

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