My RØDE Reel 2015


Samuel Dunstan

Eric's lifelong ambition to leave earth turns to disaster and leaves him stranded on an hostile alien planet.

Behind the scenes of Threshold

This film was shot over 3 days on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We had a great time making it and had the privilege of using a bunch of cool gear.

Sony a7s, Atomos Shogun, DJI Ronin, Tukumar SMC 50mm , Pentacon 135mm, Canon 24mmTS-E as well as a variety of miss matched rigs to suit the situation. Light shaped with a variety of bounce boards and occasionally a torch or two.

RØDE VMP, Lavs, NTG2, Some sony Stereo mic on boom for stereo atmos, Tascam DR-07 MkII, beachtek dxa-slr.

Logic Pro, Premier, AE, PS, AI, Speedgrade, Compressor, Red Giant Universe & Denioser II.

Music was licensed through THE MUSIC BED.

Featured entries

Tillman Theatre / Adreeynaline Entertainment
Luís Leite / Creative Milk