Cities vs Suburbs

MK Photographic

A look into how students from different major cities are expressing their thoughts and experiences against suburbs.

Behind the scenes of Cities vs Suburbs

Cities verses suburbs came across me because I am a suburban raised student who recently moved to a major city and love everything about it but miss certain aspects. Some of the locations were New York City, and Bensalem township. Most of the shooting was done in a very guerrilla filmmaking style. When I had time to plan a shot I used my tripod and 3-axis stabilizer but when I did not have time everything was done handheld. My run-and-gun kit was my Canon 6D, 25-105mm f/4 IS lens, and the Rode VideoMic Pro. It was the best way to stay as small as possible and get the shots I needed.

Featured entries

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Braxton Wilhelmsen
Shaun Chin Kee Siong