The Birthday Card

Filming the Faith

It is Jim's birthday today. His son has made him a birthday card, even though Jim sees his son all day long, Little Jimmy has to wait until after school to give it to him.

Behind the scenes of The Birthday Card

As a ministry of the church, our crew is made up of all volunteers and 1 staff member. We have 2 Canon t3i's, a Rode mic and multiple DIY gear and hand me down's that make up our equipment list. This is a new ministry called Filming the Faith and this is our first short film. This first film shows us the weaknesses and strengths of the filmmaking process. We have one Rode mic (Videomic Pro) and this is our main source for audio, it was tricky to convert from 1/8" to XLR, where there is a will, there is a way.

Featured entries

Domagoj Mrkonjić/Weksflick
Ndosi Anyabwile - Gorilla Tactix Studios
Gianluigi Antonelli - C.A.R.A.V. - Cantiere Teatrale Adriatico
Bradley W. Ragland