4 Front Cinema

4 Front Cinema is proud to present 'Connolly' the Short Action Film created at 4 Front Cinema Studios Australia. About a police team and there army buddy who go looking for Connolly a drug dealer on the run...What happens next will shock you.

Directed by: Jon Scorer
Starring: Henry Carroll, Liam Pettigrew, Lucy Sawyer, Callum Pettigrew,

Behind the scenes of Connolly

This is what happens when you have a script for a cast of 8 but they quit on you so you wing the whole thing and hope for the best.

What went wrong?
- This short ended up with a damage cost of $200 in broken props.
- We were going to have an abseiling scene but it rained so that was cut.
- Had 3 actors bail at the last minute so the script went out the door.
But you can't make a good film if you don't have any problems

What went well?
- Everyone had a ball
- Great team of inspiring actors and actresses to work with.
- Great location

Thanks for Watching :)

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