Guantanamo Baby

Dieter Primig

This is the great story of a hero baby. Trapped and imprisoned it is trying to avoid another portion of green spinach in the arms of its over-caressing mom, only hoping for the big escape.

Get ready for a hot foam bath of fun when our hero is just seconds away from his redemption...

Behind the scenes of Guantanamo Baby

For creating our short film of a hero baby we decided to choose the POV perspective as a storytelling device. After this primal decision for the project, it pretty much dictated the way of production for the whole team. Everything in this world is set up to work for the baby's eyes because we wanted the audience to "be the baby".

We shot on a Blackmagic Production Camera which got mounted onto a DJI Ronin rig to achieve the smooth camera motion we needed and also to mime the baby's head movements. Furthermore we wanted to support the POV experience with a special audio recording technique called binaural audio recording which used a wooden dummy head that got created by us especially for this film. The dummy head featured two built in Rode NT55 microphones with omnidirectional capsules on top. When listening with headphones it really feels like being in the head of the baby, right in the room with the lead actress.

All our creative juices were flowing into the storytelling process and numerous practical ideas how to make this experience as unique and entertaining as possible for you. Ultimately we hope “Guantanamo Baby” will be as much fun watching for you as it was making this film for us!

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