Invisible Journey

Ankit Aaron Thapa

This is short-film about two twin brothers who are two different type characters and one brother is more ethical, thoughtful, younger, coming up with loads good ideas about life and also how he could help everyone in this world and the other brother is just the day to day working man, older, stress out and not really happy with his life.

Behind the scenes of Invisible Journey

All the shoots, sound-work, edits, and also character is done by one person and all done in one house. This is my first actual short-film done in my life so i had ups and down and took me bit of time to get everything right and also i learned a lot about shooting a short-film, sound-work, edits, camera setting... etc, after i finished this projects. (This short-film was dedicate to my dad's brother who passed away of heart attack and this was the placed where i last saw him and also where i was last talking to him so i recreated the scene where i played as character as him and also of me...)

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