Capital City

Samantha is an average, everyday mum. Or at least she likes to think so, but her career kinda makes her stand out from the crowd. Because Samantha is a superhero.

A documentary crew follow Samantha, or 'SuperMum' as the tabloids have dubbed her, on a typical work day, as she goes about her job hoping to be home for her daughter's bedtime story. But a superhero's day doesn't always run to plan...

Behind the scenes of SuperMum

We filmed SuperMum over two days in Chiswick (West London), in late April. We shot on a BlackMagic Pocket, mounted on a shoulder rig, and supplemented the natural light with Rotolights. Our sound was recorded on a Tascam with Rode mic in a Rode blimp and boompole (the BTS crew used a Zoom with rode mic and boompole)

We had two crews working at once – the main crew shooting the short, and also a dedicated behind the scenes crew. This not only meant that the BTS crew had full access to filming, but that as the style of the piece is mock doc, we could use some of the BTS filming in the actual short. This gave us coverage that would have been difficult to accommodate on a short schedule.

Since the short contains some special effects, we were fortunate that our VFX artist could be on set for both days, to work closely with the director, cinematographer and actors. This meant that all in-camera work matched seamlessly with the effects added in post. Film was edited in Final Cut 7 with VFX in Adobe After Effects.

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