Humanity is so fragile, so weak. Each person, each individual, everyone has a breaking point, everyone walks a fine line between sanity and insanity; some lose balance and fall into insanity, and others are pushed. Seven, a test subject in several transhumanist experiments, was pushed and fell hard, but managed to escape his holding cell. Now free, he turns his ireful gaze to the surgeon who cut him open, and prepares to show her a taste of his world and the fear he felt inside it.

Behind the scenes of Pioneers

Pioneers was a statement, we tried to achieve a quality short by using affordable equipment and locations. Using a Canon 600D with some quality lenses to achieve that perfect image. Having Bradley S Thomas student from Ravensbourne university to capture the best quality image and shot for whats happening in the scene, having worked at pinewood and sky, he knows his way around a camera. Adam Hurley was our director also our sound mixer, as sound has been his professional job at pinewood studio for the past year he knows what to do to achieve the best quality sound, armed with a Røde NTG2 and a VidMic onboard the camera he was set, creating a 5:1Surround Sound mix on the final edit to immerse the audience in the action on screen. Pioneers was an achievement, giving studio206 the stepping stone to produce some fantastic work in the future.

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