Pen and Paper

Lars Walther

Matt is late for gaming night. Again!

That puts his friends Maggie, Kiki and Tobias in grave danger! - Or at least their characters, since the four friends are the heroes of their roleplaying game, Darkheart. 

Now, Matt has to prove his loyalty and regain his honour before the game master Danny puts them all out of their misery.

Behind the scenes of Pen and Paper

t easier, the only challenge was to make five people sitting around a table look cinematic. And - managing those five people.

In post, we had a lot of work to do the sound, and we used the RODE NT1-A for everything from ADR to foley.
The visuals were done in Adobe Premiere and After Effects (with a couple of Red Giant and Video Copilot plugins).
The music was done by my friend Philipp Stephan, who is a genius. But please don't tell him.

A big THANK YOU to all the incredible lovely people who put their blood (yep!), sweat and laughter into this dream project.

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