The Usual Hunt

Eva Acharya

When three adult 'children' of a deceased woman gather for her Will reading, they discover that inheritance of a nest egg requires quite an unexpected hunt.

Behind the scenes of The Usual Hunt

We used Nikon D4S to record the actual film and used a smaller Nikon DSLR to record the behind-the-scenes. For sound, we relied on TASCAM recorder, and RODE NT3 and Boompole. We also used SmallHD D7 as external monitor in the shoot, and used Miller Wally Dolly for the opening shot. Yes, we hired a dolly just for that one shot, and what a wonderful shot it ended up being. We used Premiere Pro to edit bring all the elements together.

We started the day out with a simple set up of photography studio lights (2), and a work light bought from a hardware store, and systematically captured the WS, then went on to capture individual actors and their coverage. At the end of the day, we used the NT3 to record foley (footsteps, paper rustle, sofa squeak etc).

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