War Of The Remotes

Dave Hukka

An action packed comedy about a war over possession of the most powerful object in the house!

Behind the scenes of War Of The Remotes

The gear we used for the shoot:
-Rode Video Mic Pro and Smart Lav+ and Zoom H4n
-Canon 60d, 550D and 24-105mm F4
-Samyang 14mm F2.8 and Apple iPhone 6

Because we had planned the shoot beforehand and made a shot list, shooting the film went very smoothly. For most of the shots we used the 24-105 and 60d on a shoulder rig. We ran a Video Mic Pro into an H4n for our primary audio, and had the other Video Mic plugged into the camera for a back up.

Featured entries

Harry Pinter, Christoph Wariszlovich