HOTN 3 minute Final

TalkingLens Productions

'Holding on to Nothing' is a Noir short that tells the story of Rita an ex-cabaret performer. Her lover, JD disappears on the night he was supposed to propose to her.
Though Rita is determined not to give up and coaxes a private detective, Dick Chambers, to help her find her runaway man. The Detective agrees to help, mainly due to her looks but also out of pity and to find a missing man. They retrace her steps only to discover that everything is not as it seems and perhaps Rita had been “going over the edge with the rams”.

Behind the scenes of HOTN 3 minute Final

Filmed in Leeds England. Canon D700 plus Sony Z7 . Recording sound onto a Zoom solid state device via a Rode NTG3 directional microphone and stereo video mike with Rode boom pole. "I wanted to make a noir short as the genre fascinates me. I believe that the mood and atmosphere are the strength of a noir as well as the accompanying dialogue which is made powerful by the constant subtext that the characters have with each other. Nothing is ever straight forward as this project will show clearly."

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