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Y, tu que persigues?

Rocko producciones

Antonio has left his tablet in his friend's car. What he does in order to obtain it will open his eyes regarding his current job. At the end, Antonio will have to choose between what he does and what he really wants to be

Behind the scenes of Y, tu que persigues?

Shooting this short film was a challenge. First of all shooting outdoors it's always difficult because you can't control the factors that come into play when preparing a shoot, for instance cars in front of the actors, people staring and asking the crew different things; also the traffic delayed the shooting, and it's something you just have to deal with.

For video we used a Sony NEX VG10, which despite recording only at 29,97 fps, it captures nice images, with great colors, and we just used a 18-200 lens for the entire shortfilm.

For audio we used a RODE NTG2 mic, which is great for recording dialogue, and the blimp with the deadwombat, cleaning the sound of the exteriors.

Shooting this shortfilm was the first experience of shooting fiction for most of the crew, so we also learned by doing, and this means being aware of all the difficulties that may (and will) happen during the shooting, that's why we planned simple shots, and practice a lot with the actors in order to shoot as few takes as possible, so we shot, most of the time, 3 takes top; for the most difficult ones, sometines 1 just take was enough; on the other hand, for some dialogues we shoot 5 or 6 takes max. This helped us to shoot a lot in order to complete the planning for the day.

Regarding the story, it changed a bit from paper to reality, because one of the actores got sick, so we were forced to change the story, in which there was a Dad. Other than that, the changes didn't affect the story.

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