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Meat the Parents

Calen Albert

Bringing your significant other home to meet your parents for the first time can be awkward and even painful.

The film was written and shot in one weekend with a group of friends.

Director: John Lendved

DP: Calen Albert

Writers: John Lendved, Jeremiah Zeier, Brianna Saldivar, Calen Albert, and Justin Bernhardt

Scotty the Zombie: Jeremiah Zeier

Kate: Brianna Saldivar

Mom: Kathy Beringer

Dad: Kevin Croak

Behind the scenes of Meat the Parents

Meat the Parents was shot in one night from about 6pm-2am. We shot the film on two Panasonic GH4 cameras in 4k. For audio we used Rode VideoMics as well as a Zoom H4n. We also used a Rode VideoMic for some foley in post.

We had no professional lighting gear on set and our main source of light was from two can lights.

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