Shadow and Sound

Emilia mysteriously goes missing after an argument with her boyfriend, Liam. It is up to Liam to hunt her down after the police inform him they cannot take action for another 24 hours. Confronted with himself, Liam replays all of his mistakes as he tries to find Emilia. Unsure of if she is dead or alive, he races against the clock in the hopes of finding his love.

Behind the scenes of Emilia

We shot this film entirely with natural light using the Sony A7S. Most of this film was lit by only a crescent moon. We faced problems such as a low budget, not being able to see, and minimal time to prepare. I cannot be prouder of our team as we overcame every problem we were faced and have created a film we are proud to call our own.

Featured entries

Tillman Theatre / Adreeynaline Entertainment
Chris Pagnozzi / Future Proof Media