Hansel & Gretel: The Legacy of Magus


After years of wandering through the woods Hansel and Gretel spend their days plotting a revenge against their evil stepmother who left them as children to face their own destiny. Only knowing that somewhere in the deep dark woods a magical treasure was kept by a wizard that people only had heard of but no one ever seen. An object so powerful that even the birds in the sky silenced when hearing its name, The Calceus. Knowing this was their answer to their long quest the final test is upon them: To get The Calceus.

Behind the scenes of Hansel & Gretel: The Legacy of Magus

We made use of the RED Scarlet X which enabled us to work with high-resolution material in 4K Raw. This high quality material was necessary in order to make the visual effects look more natural, but also to create our specific film-noir colour theme. We also made use of the Rode NTG-03 on set which would help us out in the post-production of our movie, because we planned an ADR and foley session before the shooting days.
We made use of the NT2000 during the ADR session and a NT3 during the foley recorders.

We made use of a studio where we shot most of the necessary shots. This scene took place in an old house where the wizard lives. We found this old house 200 miles from our own place and drove their for a day to shoot backdrops. These backdrops were necessary to create the old house as we thought it would look like.

The visual effects were hard for this movie. Every shot needed a realistic-looking composited shot that took plenty of time to create, finalize and render, but they also needed a specific colour theme for the film-noir style. We made use of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve for the look and feel.

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