Cosplay The Documentary Short

Jacob Neitling

This short documentary will highlight some of the amazing and talented individuals in the Cosplay community. The Cosplay community over the years has vastly grown and changed in many great ways. This documentary touches on the stories of just a few individuals out of a Midwest group of Cosplayers from CosAwesome Studios and how it had a positive impact on their lives. This is a great representation for parents to see how the cosplay community can provide a flourishing, positive environment in which to have an individual be accepted for who they are and make lifelong friends in the process.

Behind the scenes of Cosplay The Documentary Short

This short documentary was shot at a hotel in one day in about 16 hours. I was pretty much a one man team for this short. set up, A-roll, B-roll, BTS footage, interviews, cameras, Lighting, Sound, tear down and data backup were all on myself.
The interview process was challenging in itself as everyone had their own schedules to keep and I had to fit them in between their photo shoots with other photographers.
Cameras used were Canon 6Ds utilizing cinestyle in manual mode to get the most room for color correction in Post. The audio was a challenge as it was not a separate room, ambient noises and distractions occurred throughout the interview process. The Zoom H6 with Røde’s NTG-2 helped save the audio in situations where the room became too loud.
The post process started off by me taking all the footage and scrubbing through the takes, and figuring out which ones were usable. Next I started transcribing the interviews, then making a script with my story and direction from the questions I asked to allow for a cohesive story that would deliver my message about the community.
Taking each video and audio set, I used Plural eyes to sync up audio so that I could import them seamlessly into Adobe Primere. Once I got a rough cut, I worked in Adobe After Effects to key out the green screen. I used Color finesse to tone out the videos and leveled all audio in Audition CC. My cameras only gets 4:2:0 color space so the DSLR noise I saw was hard to work around.
Overall it came out great I look forward to doing this again in the future. I would even love to produce a full length version of my short, and with time permitting I will.

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