A Friend In Need

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How far would you go to help out your best friend?

Sometimes friendship and love can be tested on moral and ethical grounds. Does it survive the test? What happens when it doesn’t? Is it the end of the road or the beginning of new journey?

This is the short film about an eventful evening in the life of two friends figuring out some simple questions in life....sort of

Behind the scenes of A Friend In Need

Camera: Canon 70 D (50 mm and 18-135 mm lenses), Nikon D7000 (18-105 mm lens).
Sound: Rode NTG2, Rode Video Mic Pro, Zoom H4N, 'dead cats' (very very very useful) and RODE Boom Pole.

Shot on location next to the sea (Marken, The Netherlands) under blustery conditions which posed a major challenge. We used a three mic setup. One at floor level, one overhead and for the on camera mic we made a little contraption to reduce wind turbulence.

We relied on natural lighting at sunset, which put that much more stress in terms of execution of the shoot given the fast dying light. As can be seen in the BTS, the light at the end was unusable.

Andrew: Exchange student from US in Amsterdam - lead actor - came up with the idea to include dialogues from Romeo and Juliet
Laura and Javier handled the sound for us and provided great tips
Suive (the only one on the team with actual film education) did the editing, BTS filming as well as some camerawork
Giri - a long time associate did the camerawork (as usual without getting paid #$@$@#%)
Hemang - the director and supporting actor came up with the idea to participate despite the relatively short timelines with a crew of friends.

PS: Laura and Javier worked on the sound - the first time they ever did that. Goes to show, it’s not rocket science if you have the right tools.

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