The Judges

These are the filmmakers that you'll need to impress if you want to win the Judges' Film Prize!

Vincent LaForet
A three-time winner at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Vincent is a director and Pulitzer Prize–winning photographer who is known for his forward-thinking approach to image-making and storytelling. He is considered a pioneer both for his innovative tilt-shift and aerial photography and in the field of HD-capable DSLR cameras.
Rodney Charters
A member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Rodney has a prestigious international career as a cinematographer for a range of mediums but is best known for his work on episodic TV, including such shows as 24, Roswell, Dallas and Nash Bridges. In addition to his role as a DP, Rodney has directed a number of episodes of these popular programs.
Philip Bloom
Along with Vincent, Philip pioneered DSLR filmmaking and has been instrumental in the democratisation of cinematography and film over the past decade. His 25 year career has seen him work as both director and cinematographer for a wide range of clients and networks, including Lucasfilm and, most recently, CNN on its new series “The Wonder List”. His blog and online platforms are an invaluable resource for filmmakers of all levels.
Ryan Connolly
Ryan is one of the most exciting of a new generation of filmmakers. His production company, Triune Films, has produced a number of short films including "Proximity" and "Tell". His educational program FilmRiot has a huge audience of emerging directors and cinematographers, showing them how to get Hollywood-level production on a budget.
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