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How to Enter

Create an original short film no longer than three minutes, and an accompanying behind-the-scenes video showing how you made your film and showing a RØDE product in use. View full Terms & Conditions here

Upload them to YouTube and submit your entry before midday, June 1, 2015 AEST

Create an original three minute short and BTS showing your RØDE product
Add the My RØDE Reel title card to the start of both videos
Upload your videos to YouTube and submit your entry

Featured entries

Jonathan Fisk & Jonas Thijs
Tobias Nilsson
Alexandre BREZELEC
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Go behind the scenes on RØDE's short film

Throughout the competition we'll be releasing our own BTS films showing how we created our own entry, with plenty of tips to help you with yours!
Before you crack out your camera, the first step is to have a great idea and a decent script.
Casting & Auditions
Now that the script is finalised you need to decide on the actors. Watch as we audition, screen-test and cast "The Mascot".
Storyboards play a key part in keeping your film production on schedule and allow you to plan & visualise complex scenes. In this episode, Ming provides a few tips & tricks when it comes to storyboarding your short film.
Art Direction
In this episode, we cover art direction which is crucial to the overall aesthetic of your film. Art direction involves production design as well as set decoration. In the video, Mat takes you through the process of building out M1 Man's office.
Costume Design
With only three minutes to get a few laughs, we knew we would have to rely on some visual humour. M1 Man's costume would make-or-break this aspect, so we had to get it just right.
Boom Technique
In this episode, Ryan provides a few tips on boom technique for dialogue capture on set. Booming allows the audio operator to get the microphone nice & close to the action while standing at a difference.
It would be a huge disservice if we didn't show you how we ran audio for our film. With an entire factory of microphones at our disposal what did we end up using where?
On-set Audio
It would be a huge disservice if we didn't show you how we ran audio for our film. With an entire factory of microphones at our disposal what did we end up using where?
Data Wrangling
Even on single camera productions you can easily get caught out if you don't have a structured workflow for your memory cards and files. In this episode we'll show you our tips and tricks for keeping every shot safe.
Colour Correction
Somewhat of a black art, colour grading is the process of shaping the visual pallette of your film. Check out how we coloured "The Mascot", and what challenges the team faced.
Audio Processing
In this segment, Ryan takes you through some of the processes & techniques used to sweeten the raw audio tracks including using an equaliser & compressor.